The purpose of this website is to locate and bring forth the missing executor of the estate of Helen T. Smith, of which Theresa is a beneficiary. And to also call out and shine light on those who are a party to the despicable treatment of the sick, weak and disabled. All visitors  are encouraged to sent a link to this website to family, friends, and social media sites. Please feel free to add this link to any web presence you may have: websites, blogs, Facebook ect.

R1This is Gerard W. Smith, a.k.a. Gerry Smith. He is the missing executor of the estate of Helen T. Smith, Theresa’s Mother. Gerard disappeared with Theresa’s assets from her Mother’s estate. At a January 3rd, 2012 hearing before a judge, an officer of the court reported that all contact with the executor had stopped in December of 2010. And that all efforts to contact the executor and locate his whereabouts had been futile. Gerard has since been removed by the court. Theresa, who suffers from lupus and has had multiple strokes is totally disabled and in failing health. She needs the assets from the small inheritance her Mother left her to pay for the cost of the extra care and services she now requires in her deteriorated condition. How Gerard could apparently disregard his Mother’s trust that her sick daughter would be provided for is beyond belief?  Such behavior upon the sick and disabled is despicable and appalling. The emotional devastation that Theresa suffers to think that her brother is capable of such behavior is her greatest pain. Perhaps this, Gerard Smith, will become synonymous with one who would take from the sick and disabled and even rob their own crippled sister of her Inheritance. There must be a special place in Hell for one capable of such behavior, and all who are a party to such. The public’s help and input is being ask concerning this executor whose whereabouts is being sought, and whose disappearance has deprived his sick sister of her inheritance.

R2This is Mark Smith, he is the brother of Theresa and the missing executor Gerard Smith. Theresa lives in Utah and has had to rely on the court in an attempt to obtain her inheritance. However, when an executor disappears with the assets and cannot be found, it prolongs the process. Theresa has appealed to her brother Mark for his help in finding the executor and obtaining her much needed inheritance. Mark has not responded to any of the pleadings for help from his sick sister. Mark was the backup executor and it was his duty to come forth and honor his Mother’s wishes when Gerard disappeared. However, Mark was also MIA like his brother Gerard and thus forced his sick sister to have the executor removed and incur the expenses and court cost. In essence, this so called man put it upon a sick disabled woman to perform his duties.   It has been discovered that the missing executor was using Mark’s home as a mailing address. This is a matter of public record. As such, it appears Mark has communication with the executor and is enabling the executor’s behavior. Mark was a Philadelphia fireman. Such conduct, if true, would be beneath that honored occupation, and bring shame upon it to have one of their own exhibit such behavior. It is assumed that the character of a fireman is to give aid to those in distress and not to those causing their suffering, nor to work in tandem with those who abuse the disabled. Is this a man of honor and duty? One who respects and honors his deceased Mother and her final wishes? One who protects the rights and interest of his disabled sister? Or is this a, Gerard Smith?

Here are two so called men that were entrusted by their Mother to carry out her final wishes and see that her disabled daughter received the things she meant her to have. Theresa’s Mother passed away June 4th, 2008. Perhaps her two brothers hope that Theresa will just give up and finally go away. Perhaps because of her deteriorating health they believe that if they stay missing long enough that she will pass away and then they will not have to deal with her at all. Imagine if you can that such malicious behavior could even exist? How would it be to have on one’s resume that you abused the sick and disabled? Abused a sick and disabled woman? Abused a sick and disabled woman who is your sister? Imagine looking into the mirror each day and seeing a man totally without dignity, honor, or self respect. A prideless worm that brings shame and humiliation upon their family, friends, and all those around them. A pariah and outcast of society who garners secret stares and whispers wherever they go. That truly must be a living Hell on earth to live such a life. But it is not Hell on earth that such men should fear the most. We all must stand before our Maker someday and we pity these two souls when they are called to account for Theresa.